Welcome to art2cin2u

We welcome all people from around the world and acknowledge first nations peoples on whose land we walk, work and live. art2cin2u is grateful for your eternal guidance and wisdom.

Our Core Values

Healing through Equality

art2cin2u is committed and pasionate about delivering creative and self reflective processes to support effective means of shifting through one’s issues connected to past and present trauma and possible future fears.

We work together as equal persons, creating collective art pieces.

This process creates sharing to build safety, support connection and healing.

Freedom Through Spirituality

Working with all diverse backgrounds, First Nations People, we encourage and support the vital essence of creating supported art processes using Rituals, celebrations of milestones, and creating yarning circles for a safe space to express cultural experiences that support the vital exploration of family of origins.

Using and connecting with art processes from countries of origin, this creates unity not only between people but through one’s ancestory.

Artistic Creativity

You have the ability to maintain Creative Connection. This is a vital link to ensuring Family Systems and Single Persons are not left isolated from the Community, Kinship and Workplace Systems.​

This connection can be achieved through participation, guidance and encouagement.

About Lisa

art2cin2u is a platform of Trans Personal Art Therapy pertaining to the fundamental aspects of Healing through spiritual connection and Psychological Principles.

Natalie Lisa Tucker is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist.

Trans Personal Art Therapy is the ability of tapping into your inner landscape and exploring your own personal imagery. This brings the subconscious mind to the conscious level to express by the way of Art. 

Natalie deliveres the platform for individuals to self interpret their own art guided by spiritual practice of which has been successfully utilised for years.


art2cin2u envisions a world where any persons in society discover and empower themselves out of the heaviness of life’s challenges by connecting with meaningful core values and goals through the medium of connection and exploration of art expression creating healthy sharing of those skills to pass on and use within their own family kinship and workplace systems.


My mission is to support and empower ALL members of our community through inclusion – not exclusion.

I aim to create vital life skills for all beings through the platform of Transpersonal Art Therapy by supporting creative expression to reduce and prevent hardships in one’s life.

COVID-19 Response

There are several precautions we are taking to boost awareness and reduce the spread of COVID-19.  All of our therapists are practicing good hygiene and social distancing habits in order to protect you. We value our clients deeply and your physical and mental health are our top priority. 

Here’s some of the actions we’re taking to keep clients safe:

•    Maintaining 1.5 metres distance between our art therapists and our clients. 
•    Regularly washing our hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds. 
•    Avoiding using cash payments whenever possible. 
•    Avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth. 
•    Rescheduling appointments with clients who are unwell. 
•    Offering hand sanitiser at each workshop.


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